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Finding it difficult to find the right career for you? Worried that you’ll struggle or end up jumping from job to job? Lots of fresh grads or those in a mid-career switch are often worried of these pitfalls and that their work will never truly fulfil them. Now’s the time for a career that you want, deserve and will enjoy. Aptitude will offer you that, with access to our IMPACT programme; an in-depth and progressive training course that will help you with your personal and professional development.

How do I know which of these paths are suitable for me?

At Aptitude, we don’t fit the stereotype of financial services consultants; we focus on the individual development of each and every one of our people. We believe that, because you are unique, your journey with us should be too. That’s why, we have implemented our Impact program to enable you to have the highest level of success.

Ultimately, your dreams are our responsibility - and this is not only for our clients, but also for our team members. Let's be successful together!

Full Time Career

If you are worried about gaining leads when you start the business, there’s no need to worry. We offer innovative strategies to help you attain leads throughout your business career. You will be able to tap into specialised guidance with a team of specialised mentors, each with their own bespoke skill set and area of expertise.

Not only do we focus on achieving results, we also strive for continuous personal development. Additionally, we provide you with the tools to be the best consultant you can be; there is no glass ceiling in terms of growth or income.

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Fresh on the scene but unsure on where to go from here? Why not try out our internship programme where you get a glimpse of the career?

You may think that a lot of corporate jobs are stuffy, with no work culture. At Aptitude, we go against the corporate norms by providing our people with a fun, vibrant and exciting working environment, where each team member has a support system so we can all grow together.

It is an extensive programme where you gain both experiences and skills that would be invaluable for your adulting journey. Here's to no longer being lost!

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  • Innovation - Offering you innovative strategies to help you gain more leads in your business
  • Mentorship - Offering you mentorship with our specialised leaders, giving you a range of specialisations to explore
  • Personality - Helping you with your personal growth and development to become a more well rounded consultant
  • Aptitude - Aptitude by name , Aptitude by nature. Whatever you wish to achieve, you will achieve it
  • Culture - Coming together as a supportive, vibrant and fun team. We want to grow cohesively together
  • Trust - Always putting our clients first, making sure we are accountable and empathetic to each and every situation

At Aptitude, we believe that every member of our team deserves to be valued as an individual, and given the opportunity to grow in the way they see best, carving their own path. If this interests you, you may be an ideal fit for us! Your dreams are our responsibility.

Aptitude prides ourselves on our team culture, accountability and empathy. Each Aptitude member will undergo our IMPACT training programme, to help every single person unleash their full potential.

If you’re interested in our IMPACT programme and getting to know more, please fill out the form below and one of our dedicated team will be in touch soon.

  • Aptitude has helped me be a better person. Through their personalised trainings, they have enhanced my skills, knowledge and confidence. I realised I have the possibility to make a huge impact to the people around me. With the imparted culture and attitude from Aptitude, I can say, I am on the right path towards my goal.
    Sheila – MDRT Consultant
  • It is said that being a financial service consultant is a lonely business. Being with Aptitude for over a decade, I can say that it is far from the truth, as there is constantly strong support from my team members and leaders in both personal and work aspects. They are always there; ready to discuss about challenges and how to face them. Growing together at Aptitude is key!
    Belynn – MDRT Consultant
  • I first knew about aptitude through an internship with them. The experience was fruitful as it showed me more about the finance industry and how it impacts people from all walks of life. After the internship, I decided to pursue a career with Aptitude and was able to work on both my hard and soft skills; this made me feel more confident when engaging with people.
    Augustus - Consultant

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